Ramp up twitter engagement with buffer

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I'll be honest: I spend a good part of the day just jumping over the Internet from the site to the site, I don't get a lot of work. Can I use my time better? Probably, but on the bright side, I am.

Unfortunately, I've been looking at my web-view many times at night. When 2am is in the morning, sending a tweet about the coolness of the article is unlikely to make such a big impact. Since no one else is sleeping, my tweet will be less of a glance. Fewer eyes means fewer clicks, less clicks means less engagement, less engagement means I'm falling into social obscurity and ultimately playing.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad. However, I wanted to find a way to make sure that more of my followers will see what I share. Fortunately, like everything else, there's an app for that. This is called.

Buffer is a scheduler of tweets. When you find something cool to share (or just want tweet about the epic plate of bacon you just ate), you can throw a tweet into your Bufer and rest, assuring that it will be placed at the best possible time ...

Recently, the guys from the buffer (which I know quite well actually-they are rather cool) just posted some cool data about using in your blog:.

" People who start buffering their tweets.

In addition to these statistics, the developers claimed that the average score in Köta is increased by four points within two weeks of buffer use. Now, as in all claims, this should be taken with salt; it is obvious that the particular people who follow you, your actual number of followers, and the content you tweet will all enter the game. However, in my personal experience, I am.

So, what exactly is Bufer, and why use it? Here are some good reasons:.

Optimize your tweets.

The first and main reason why the buffer is useful is that it allows you to plan your tweets so that they can come out in better times. I love Buffer's way of doing this better than, say, TweetDeck's, HootSuite, or Timely, because you can choose your own time, but they stick to (instead of planning every tweet). The buffer has recently made an update that allows you to define different times for different days, so the control has improved even more ..

A tweet from any page.

Buffer browser extensions make it very easy to schedule tweets from any website you read. The extension is available to.

Bufer says it's " initiates users.

Other damn I love.

Buffer also comes with several very interesting features that help me understand much more about my habits on Twitter. Every time you're buffering a tweet, you get a full dimension by talking about the number of clicks, retweets and vexing you:

Another great feature is that you can schedule tweets directly from Twitter.com. Just click on the Buffer icon for any tweet, and it will be thrown into the queue as a retweet. This will allow you to intertwine more of your followers, not by drowning and not mating someone's flow ..

The buffer is also

Buffer is one of my favorite Twitter tools, and it is very nice to use with other tools such as HootSuite. The ability to schedule tweets.

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